PQ11 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (2011)

Christopher Braddock performs live in the Great Hall of Prague’s Veletržní Palace (Museum of Modern Art), in front of New Zealand’s exhibition ‘Fly-Tower.’ He stands, stationary, in the crowded Great Hall. Eyes closed, he turns his head very slowly from left to right. A video camera, positioned directly above his head, records a detailed view of the top of his head. This video image is relayed back to the adjacent Fly-Tower and projected vertically downwards from a ‘flying’ data projector on rope onto a horizontal projection screen (that viewers walk around). This video image of the top of Braddock’s head, itself rotating from left to right inside the video frame, sways around theprojection screen. Braddock is interested in: a relay between liveperformance and video ‘documentation’; in human reactions to slowed-down (contemplative) movements and gestures, which, are both confronting yet alluring; in the histories of ambivalent and abstract representations of the body via the photographic lens.

“Fly-Tower: A Live Archive” curated by Sue Gallagher and Tracey Collins
NZ at Praque Quadrennial 2011: